Brand – Myra Veda

A Women Empowered movement, Myra Veda is the Worldʼs very FIRST Sustainable “Clean-Beauty” brand that COMBINES Exotic Ingredients Traditionally used in beauty rituals of Different Cultures Around the World – WITH – the power of time-tested Ayurvedic Botanicals, from different regions of India.

  • Brief

    The founder - Eesha Bhatia, approached us to design the packaging design for its extensive product range of hair & skin care essentials. Retaining the strong pattern of black & gold lines that she had designed at the conception of the brand, she wanted us to explore strong, vivid & culturally inspired design patterns that would make the packaging unlike most minimalistic designed clean beauty brands in the market.

  • Design Direction

    To combat the strong presence created by the black & gold lines, we decided to use illustrations with brighter vivid hues that would make a powerful statement instead of getting merged or subdued against the background. We used a combination of illustrations of the ingredient itself and its culture of origin for the label design of the product.

    As a Sustainable Clean Beauty Brand Initiative - all labels printed for Myra Veda are on FSC Sustainable Forestry Card with Vegetable Ink. Also, all the tubes and cartons are 100% recyclable.

    We also designed their Brand Guidelines for Social Media Marketing. You can have a look at it here.

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