Brand Identity Design

A professional logo, the perfect colour palette, a fitting font and an overall brand language are some of the things that can help your brand find its own persona. We can help you create an identity that can include -

Print & Digital Design

Designs have a purpose and we help you create the ones that communicate effectively & create a distinctive image within your audience. We can help you design -

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Our Design Process

Learning and unlearning through our environments and the people we work with, at Projekt, we believe design is an ever-changing process and needs to be adapted to each individual business’s needs. With this framework, we are continuously discovering, critiquing and sharing ideas with the client to make the end result most effective and true to the brand’s persona.


We truly believe, functional designing can only be made, if we understand the true nature of any business. We work closely with our clients, ask questions and do deep research to explore every facet of their brand. This helps us understand their audience, their specific needs and the problem they wish to solve.


We then look for inspiration. We search in all corners – online and offline. We look at work done by people that inspire us across design, art, music, history – until we have ideas that we can build on. We then sit with our drawing pad and start to explore ideas that can be the best possible solution to the problem at hand.


Your brand design is your greatest asset. It can add real value to your product by amplifying differentiation. We use our creative energies to weave magic and give your brand an identity to express itself uniquely, an enriching palette to blossom fully and a rhythm that it can flow with in the coming years.