Brand – Hingori Sutras
The Hingori Sutras are a series of spiritual books that extract the spiritual wisdom of ancient Indian masters.

  • Brief

    The team behind – ‘Hingori Sutras’ (books published by a disciple of Gurudev) approached us to create Social Media templates to promote their book and its teachings via their marketing channels.

  • Design Direction

    To simplify the contents of the books & bring it closer to its audience, we decided to go ahead with 5 different aspects to generate awareness about the book
    - its teachings
    - its Quotes,
    - its Reviews
    - its Shabdkosh (word meanings)
    - and the Karma Quest.

    We designed templates for each individual category to distinguish it from each other, yet bring the entire experience together that would connect its audience back to the teachings of the book.

    These got translated into creative templates that were used by the publishers in several languages on various social media channels.

  • Year